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Purely Pictures

Survey Results

Thanks to all who participated in this survey. Here are the end results:

Favorite Song

Dedication = 16
The Way I Feel Tonight = 14
The Pie = 6
Give A Little Love = 5
Don't Let The Music Die = 5
You Made Me Believe In Magic = 5
LaBelle Jeane = 4
Shanghaid In Luv = 4
I Only Want To Be With You = 4
My Lisa = 3
Saturday Night = 3
It's A Game = 3
All Of Me = 3
Rock and Roller = 2
Write A Letter = 2
Wouldn't You Like It? =2
Rock and Roll Honeymoon = 2
Rock and Roll Love Letter = 2
Elevator = 1
It's For You = 1
Money Honey = 1
When Will You Be Mine? = 1
You're A Woman = 1
Beautiful Dreamer = 1
Once Upon A Star = 1
Let's Go = 1
Yesterday's Hereo = 1
Beautiful Dreamer = 1
Strangers In The Wind = 1
Don't Stop The Music = 1
Inside My Broken Dream = 1
Love Fever = 1
Angel Baby = 1
Tomorrow's Just A Day Away = 1
Remember = 1

Favorite Roller

Eric = 31
Leslie = 28
Derek =21
Woody =20
Ian = 18
Allan = 8
Pat = 3
Duncan = 2

Fan's Fantasies

"To meet my fave Ian and it came true!"Gina, IL
"To get to be friends with them."Trisha, MI
"That I was going to marry Eric and live in that white house that the teen magazines said was his. That is as clean as I can keep it." SPS
"Strolling along the Seine in Paris with Woody and making love on a bridge over the river!!!"DC
"I have been asked what my fantasy is from some of you, my visitor's, so I will obliged. Being Alan is my favorite, I invisioned us happily together and giving each other the greatest love continually. And TRULY enjoying every single minute of it!!! I'm exhausted...... :-)"GGG
"To Marry Woody."Tammy
"Just to meet any of them :)"Angel
"Horseback riding w/ lunch in privacy and talking." "To spend a month writing w/ Eric...still waiting for that! :)" Jan
"To give Derek a hug :)"Jen, Australia
"Meeting them and they'd spend time at the farm where I grew up in IL"Jan, IL
"My fantasy was very simple, To meet Derek on a vacation in Scotland, Instantly fall in love, get married, have kids and live happily ever after, Corny Hey?!!!" Liz, NY
"Meeting Les and falling in love(that's all I can say since you said to keep it clean!)"Anonymous
"One night with Les a hot tub and lots of chocolate."Trudy
"Getting stranded on a deserted island with Les. Les and I having a candlight dinner on a beach by the ocean." LB
" I guess a dinner date, talking to one of the guys."Pody
"To actually go to a concert in the '70's. I never had the opportunity to do so, and deeply regret it. My parents weren't too cooperative about taking me to Baltimore, Washington or Philadelphia, so, needless to say, it never happened and I couldn't drive yet!" "I've said this before, but as corny as it may sound, I always wanted to just see a concert and never was able to."MC
"Beating bongos to the beat of Saturday Night."Leroy
"I have fulfilled my fantasy by knowing them when they lived in NJ and NY in the 80's and being friends with them, being invited to the recording studio {Ricochet} and thier house many times!!!! They all are wonderful guys and feel blessed that I knew them."VJE
"Meeting them all!!! That fantasy came true in 85." Debbie
"Too many to list - mostly about Eric though; besides, I was only twelve or thirteen when they were in their heyday in 1977."TH
"Meeting the BCR; one or all." KO
"To meet them again and again and hope to become good friends."Petra
"Woo hoo...well I guess at 12 I wanted Eric to fall in love with me and we'd live happily ever after...OR at least I'd get to meet him..." Helen
"Obviously, to marry Eric!...and be a Bay City Roller." LC
"Being the Sixth member of the group." AJB
"Meeting Derek and convincing him he couldn't live without me. Ah, dreams!" PM
"I always dreamed of getting Woody and/or Ian... aw, hell, ALL of them, for THAT matter... into a jacuzzi, and kicking back with champagne and singing our hearts out." KJ
"Meeting Les, enjoy talking with him....and the HUGS. It came true !!!Les is such a sweet GUY !!!" LC
"Just simply to marry Les." Judith
"To meet Woody!!! To marry him,and to go on the road with them and take care of them. Still would love to meet him!!" Vicki
"To marry Woody." Helen
"To meet Woody." Kim
"To run away with Eric and live happily ever after." Darlene
"My fantasy remains today, to meet Derek by accident in Scotland and have him fall helplessly in love with me so that by the time my vacation is over, he's proposed and we live happily ever after! What a babe! Derek, if you're reading this, consider that a formal proposal!!"SS
"In the 70's all I wanted to do was to go see them in concert and get to meet them in person. As I grew older my fantasy was to marry Les or Eric or live with them both. My fantasy now is more mature so I wont go into the details."Alicia
"To meet Eric in person."JT
"Just to meet and touch Eric."CK
"To meet Ian and fall in love. We would go on dates and go horseback riding and he'd sing "Dedication" to me. Then, get married and live in Scotland on a farm next door to my friend Sue and her fave Les. We'd have 7 kids and horses and dogs! And Ian would never snore like my Dad! Well...not all of it came true, but, we did fall in love and I did marry Ian!"WAA
"To meet and, uh, be very close to Ian."Bear
"To spend 24 hours with Eric...I'm still waiting...."Tammi
"While enjoying a night out with my friends at the pub: I'd go up to the bar to order and actually rub shoulders with Eric. We'd stare into each other's eyes, smile and beg pardon. Through out the night we'd watch each other. Finally he would walk over and ask this dance. Kissing me good night!" SJS
"Just to meet any of them would be like a dream! Hasn't happened yet, though!" Karen
"To meet Ian."Fran
"To meet Ian and I did!" Linda
"I REALLY wanted to meet Allan, and when he left BCR I was crushed. My fantasy at that time was only to have him back so I could have a chance to see him again."Souxie
"Meet or marry one of them! so I guess I've lived part of that fantasy!" Gail
"To move to Northern Ireland, meet Ian Mitchell and sweep him off his feet. I did move to Northern Ireland, didn't meet Ian, moved to London, found another beautiful guy and swept him off. Living happy ever after!" Kim
"Just getting to meet Woody and talk to him in person would be a thrill to me at this point." Elaine
"Was to meet Derek and tell him how I felt about him,and that I thought he was a great drummer,and some how walk of into the sunset with him."JS
"I would be too embarrased to mention it."Cheryl
"Meet Pat one day...and the rest of the guys."Althea
" I finally lived part of my fantasy at RollerFest 98...I finally got to meet Ian Mitchell & Duncan Faure...along with their lovely wives Wendy & Laura of course. I had soooo much fun !!!! Lookin forward to RollerFest 99!!!!" Penny
"I had many when I was in Jr. High!!! All about Ian! Basically, to meet him, date him, marry him and live happily ever after." Lora
"I would like to see the original ("Rollin'") line-up reunite. I would also like to see a video documentary on the group as well as a book biography." Chris
"To meet the guys and just visit for a while."Doe
"The only thing I can reveal is that is usually involves an elevator. ;)" Leila
"To get to meet every single Roller." Dawn
"To meet the BCR's and know each one is happy and that each of them found "the" woman of their dreams." PC
"To see them in person and it never happened :-(" Marge
" To have Les sing "The Way I Feel Tonight" to me privately."Lucy
"To spend a day with Derek....ooh baby!!" Pam
"The ones I had when I was 14 are unprintable, but now, as a 35 yr old it would have to be that they would just get back together and play some where close to where I live!" Lori
"Now that would be telling." Liz
"I want to meet ALL the ORIGINAL Rollers!"Lee
"I do not fanitasize about them - I Have met them and that was great - they are just ordinary guys - no big deal!"Dorte



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