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Bay City Rollers

Purely Pictures

Survey Results #2

Hey, I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for participating in this Roller Survey. I do hope you had fun with it! So without further a-do, here is what you said:

Who participated?:

MALES = 5 - Hey guys, I am glad you participated too!!

Total of 71 participants!

Here are the ages that participated.

26 years = 1
29 years = 2
30 years = 3
31 years = 2
32 years = 2
33 years = 5
34 years = 8
35 years = 13
36 years = 17
37 years = 9
38 years = 1
39 years = 1
40 years = 1
41 years = 2
42 years = 0
43 years = 1
Did Not Answer = 3

Where Are You From?

United States = 5
Tokyo = 1
Japan = 1
Austriala = 4
Georgia = 1
Texas = 1
New York = 6
New Jersey =1
New Hampshire =1
Nevada = 1
Mass. = 1
United Kingdom = 2
Arizona = 1
Virginia = 1
Wisconsin =2
Canada = 8
Florida =4
Indiana =1
California =6
Ohio =4
Illinios =3
Washington = 3
Minnasota = 1
Michigan =1
Oregon =1
Pennsylvania =2
Rhode Island =1
North Carolina = 2

Favorite Albums/CDs in order of popularity:

Some of you answered more than once.

Dedication = 17
It's A Game = 15
Wouldn't You Like It = 15
Strangers In The Wind = 8
Rollin = 6
Once Upon A Star = 4
Elevator = 3
Riccochet = 3
Greatest Hits = 1
Did Not Answer = 4

As Unreal As It May Seem, There Were Some Unfavorable BCR Songs You Chose:

Are You Cuckoo = 8
Marlina =4
Disco Kid =4
Elevator = 4
Saturday Night = 3
Money Honey = 3
Shoorah Shoorah For Hollywood = 3
Stoned Houses = 2
Rebel Rebel =2
Don't Stop The Music =2
Washington's Birthday=2
Shanghai'd In Love =2
Yesterday's Hero = 1
Love Fever =1
Love Power = 1
Dedication =1
Give It To Me Now =1
Summer Love Sensation = 1
Beautiful Dreamer =1
Derek's End Piece =1
My Lisa =1
Don't Let The Music Die =1
Don't Worry Baby =1
Wouldn't You Like It?=1
Bye Bye Baby =1
Songs From the Breakout Album/CD = 1
Did Not Answer = 18

How Many Of You Stayed Home From School To Watch The BCR's on the Telly?

Yes I Stayed Home = 34
Nope, I Was Forced To Go To School = 34

3 did not answer.

Kissing A Roller(s).

Yes, I Kissed A Roller(s) = 25 - lucky
No, My Lips Did Not Grace A Rollers = 43

2 did not answer.

Them Striped Socks!

Yes, I Own A Pair Now = 30
Nah, Don't Have A Pair Now = 40

1 shy one did not answer.

Where To Find A Roller(s) In Magazines?

Some of you answered more than once.

16 Magazine = 50
Tigerbeat Magazine = 42
Tigerbeat Superstars = 1
Teenbeat Magazine = 21
Teenbag Magazine = 1
Flip Magazine = 1
Super Teen Magazine =1
FAB Magazine = 1
FAB 208 =1
Jackie Magazine = 1
FAVE Magazine = 1
Bravo Magazine =1
Young Miss = 1
People Magazine =1
Rock Show Magazine in Japan=1
Creem =2
BCR Official Magazine = 3

The fortunate who attended a BCR concert went with:

Parent(s) = 8
Friend(s) = 28
Brother(s)/Sister(s) = 7
Alone = 7

Did Not Answer = 21

Pictures and Survey.

39 of you enjoy the pictures and survey portion of the web site.
11 of you enjoy just coming for the pictures on this web site.
3 of you enjoy just coming for the survey.
35 of you visit the web site when notified by e-mail.
2 of you visit daily the web site.
14 of you visit weekly the web site.
8 of you did not know how you arrived at the web site.

In Rating This Web Site.

A = 49
B = 20
C = 2
D = 0
F = 0

What You Thought About Doing The Survey.

58 of you thought it was fun.
11 of you thought it was challenging.
2 of you thought it was a bore.

Here are a few of your comments regarding the difficulty in obtaining Bay City Roller albums/CD's:

"I am trying to get "Dedication," "It's A Game" and "Rock and Roll Love Letter" on CD. Apparently, they fell off the face of the earth." Melody
"The album after "It's A Game" was the only one that I wanted and never got. I do not know why I did not get it, I just lost interest after Les." Babs
"The one they made with Pat in Japan and anything after Elevator with Duncan."P.Roach
"Any albums after "Strangers In The Wind" as I heard they broke up and after that I got too involved with my adult life."Julie
""Voxx" in any format. "Elevator" and "Ricochet" on CD because not released. I never knew about "Voxx" until 1997. Also I like "Strangers In The Wind" on CD, I found two of Duncan's LP's. I play them more these days."Michael
""Once Upon A Star," I cannot find the album." Jill
"I am still trying to catch up with everything after "Elevator."" Lelia
"I don't recognize three or four of them from the list. Maybe they were not available in Canada."Gisele
"I have most of the records but only their "Greatest Hits" in CD. I would love to have them all that way."Traci
"Everything after "Elevator." I did not even know they had anything after that, until I saw this website."Jeff
"I do not have any of Eric's works. I wish I had them all!!"Paula
"Anything past "Riccochet" and since "Karu Cuts" (Duncan and Woody's old band)."Emily
"I am working on getting Les' solo work from the 80's and 90's."Gail
"Les' solo stuff. Japanese and German imports. I only recently managed to get stuff through the fan club."Emma

Here are a few of your comments regarding if you bought Pat's or Ian's albums/CD's after they left the group:

"I did get "Rosetta Stone," that is about it."Lee
"No, I did not get any of their albums. Unfortunately, I started losing interest once Alan left the band."Phyllis
"Sure did! I managed to get all the Rosetta Stone/Ian solo and Pat/solo music." Gina
"I think I bought one of Ian's. I do not remember which one."Felice
"I tried, but was unable to find anything."Debi
"I have Rosetta Stone and one of Pat's Japanese LP's."Lynne
"No, but I have always liked Ian and wished I did buy some of his albums."Lois
"Unable to find anything on either of them at the time."Sabaca
"I bought Rosetta Stone's Rock Pictures." Valerie S.
"Yes, I have all the Rosetta Stone albums. I had the only Pat McGlynn album I could find." Tammya

Here Are A Few Of Your Acted Out BCR Stories:

"I named my cat Derek and of course, I wore all the regalia daily. My family fought over who "gets" each member."Kerri
"My friend and I used to practice screaming ready for a concert. It drove my parents mad. We also used to act out what we would say to our favorite Roller, if we actually met them. Remembering the things we said, I am pleased I did not meet them, LOL."Judith
"Went on the Gong Show dressed as Roller fans. Sang, "Gonna See The Rollers." Got gonged."Kathie
"Sewed plaid stripes down the side of my jeans (much to my mother's dismay.)" Gisele
"We would go downtown on Saturday nights, all dressed up in Roller gear and play our BCR music in the mall and sing." Midge
"Pretended to be married to them."Connie
"Had birthday parties for them, created a dance to IOWBWY. I wore Roller shirts everywhere and met up with other fans because of it. Had boxes of stuff collected from the US and UK (most lost now). I had animals/pets named after some; stayed up to watch and audio tape Midnight Special, American Bandstand, radio shows, etc. I even cut my hair like them." Jan H.
"Sang along with their songs and pretended I was part of the group."Jill
"I got up in front of my class in third grade and sang "Rock N' Roller" with a guitar that only had two or three strings on it."Jeff
"One Halloween I dressed up with an outfit that I made myself with a very red tartan and wide pant legs. I still have the picture and remember those times fondly."Laura
"I talked to them when they were recording "Riccochet" in New Jersey. I visited Pat's folks in Edinburgh. I lived in Edinburgh for four years. Some of my friends and I used to revisit places the Rollers stayed while in Charlotte, NC. We met them in 1979 when Duncan was with them. We met up with some of the folks that they travelled with. Fun times." Lynne
"My girlfriend Laura and I would act out that we met the Rollers."Cynthia
"Got four other kids to be the Bay City Rollers for a school gong show when I was in the fourth grade. I was the lead singer."Brent
"We did a lot of skits regarding meeting and interview them. A lot of recording ourselves singing their songs!"Valerie
"I was to be Mrs. Derek Longmuir. Sigh....Little did I know." Michele C.

Ahhh Those Physical Attributes Which Attracted You To Your Guy(s):

"The number one thing that attracted me to Eric were his blue eyes. So startling against that dark hair. There was just something about him that drove me insane. I have to admit, he still gets to me."Betsy
"Purely for the fun of the music. Duncan era, deeper and I beleive better music. Eric's writing at this time shines. My wife likes Les and Ian."Michael
"I think it must have been Woody's shy smile. But there was also something about his stomach that drove (drives) me crazy."Dana
"Pat's eyes and his boyish looks."Alli
"Leslie just oozes sex appeal and he was (and still is) so very sexy plus he is incredibly sexy."Traci
"Eric and Pat's eyes."Lynne
"The cleft in Stuart's chin."Franx
"Derek has that big beautiful smile and that sun-kissed blonde hair. Those sexy eyes. Mmmmmmmm."Kerri
"Alan and his smile. He also has a caring nature and the way he sings and talks make you go weak in the knees."Lesley
"Les' hair, smile and a great picture of him at a White Sox baseball game, plus his singing voice."Susan
"Ian is so adorable. There was one poster of him and the band making strawberry milkshakes. It was one of the most sexiest pictures of him I have ever seen. I was only ten or eleven at the time too."Melody
"I thought Duncan's voice was very appealing."BC
"Eric's eyes and butt."KM
"I was attracted to Alan's deep dark eyes."P.Roach
"I like Derek's hair, smile and his eyes. I think he is gorgeous!!!"Alisa
"Well, the only Rollers I have met was at the original Rollerfest. Ian is a really great guy. But Eric and Woody were tied for my favorite in my heart. Those blue eyes of Eric's could melt the biggest glacier in my heart and that boyish charm was just too cute!."Julie
"I loved Eric's puppy dog eyes and his teeth. I was only a little girl and a pre-teen. I did not know other parts of the body existed!"Lisa
"Alan's eyes and his mole."Lindy
"Les was (and still is) my favorite. I have always loved guys with dark hair and brown eyes. Luckily, my husband has dark hair and big, beautiful brown eyes."Joan
"Eric's eyes and Ian's smile."Kathy
"Eric's eyes, Derek's smile and Alan's everything..."Sussi
"The Roller's smiles, eyes and friendliness...VOICE!!!"Stef
"Ian is beautiful! I feel he was and is the best looking. It is his beautiful face that attracted me to him. His loving personality which continues to keep me attracted to him." Wendy
"Les' great looks, and those eyes. Ian was so foxy! And of course, all of their accents....ummmmmmmmmm."Valerie S.

Please excuse my spelling.


© 1998 by GGG

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