The American Association For Psychology And The Performing Arts


The purpose of the organization is to create a bridge between the principles and concepts of psychology and the performing arts. It is our belief that the media/performing arts is one of the major sources of information dissemination throughout the world. We believe that lack of communication between performing artists and mental health workers has adversely effected the general public, and the performer. This phenomenon is likely to increase as the media becomes a more profound learning instrument and more influential to the public in the future. It is therefore desirable for mental health workers and performing artists to exchange information in order to:

1. promote the mental health welfare of the general public.
2. promote the dissemination of mental health information to the public.
3. promote primary mental health interventions.
4. inform mental health workers of specific stressors and life styles of performing artists.
5. inform performers of psychological principles and interventions which will decrease stressors and enhance life styles of performers.
6. promote and employ mental health interventions and psychological principles on film, television, theater and radio sets which care for:

a. mental health of child and adolescent performers
b. mental health of adult performers
c. mental health of special population performers

Proposals for our upcoming conference which will address the associations goals. If you are interested please click HERE.

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For more information, please call Sherrie Raz, M.S., L.M.H.C., Association President at 561-852-6868, or Ron Mercer, Ph.D., Association, Vice President at 954-755-8247.

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